Dalene Cabin Home Design Ideas by Tommie Wilhelmsen

Here the futuristic and cozy Dalene Cabin home design ideas by Tommie Wilhelmsen. This unique residence are located in Østhusvik, Rennesøy island, Norway and has built on 120 square meters land area. Tommie Wilhelmsen is unique and intriguing, with unexpected angles and curves that apply at this house. The combination of glass, wood and stone […]

Delightful the Mosman House Design by Corben Architects

The Mosman house design by Corben Architects. This beautiful residence with attractive natural looks are located in Sydney, Australia and built on 350 square meters land area. This stylish home design use featuring a large skylight for natural ventilation and sunlight, glass for energy efficiency and water collection system that uses natural resources of water […]

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