Contemporary Elegant Rooftop Apartment Design in Berlin

Elegant rooftop apartment design with contemporary interior design architecture. This rooftop apartment located in berlin. This apartment also has a great furniture inside. Make your life more comfortable with this apartment. We know that most of you are crazy for apartments on the top floor and sloped walls. That’s why this post is about a stylish, contemporary apartment that fits the profile. Located in Berlin-Charlottenburg, near the Spree river, the loft has been completely redesigned for Steinbeck Iris Architekten. The new personality was given to this elegant private residence on the roof, keeping a gentle atmosphere. White is used predominantly by creating a sense of space and freshness. More bold colors (like purple) are also present, creating an amusing contrast. The fireplace is the focal point of the room, interrupting the modern design, adding a warm touch and classic.

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