Attractive Remodeled Swedish Apartment Design Inspiration

Here the attractive remodeled Swedish apartment design inspiration. These picture below is the result of renovation of a studio apartment in 1939, recently renovated in 2005. Studio which is located on the 2nd floor of this six-story apartment building has an area of ​​39 square meters. Renovations are carried out include the replacement model of doors, windows, balconies, facade, and the garage door. White color are dominated the decor. The white color of the walls is visible with color matching tiles and oak flooring in the living room. White color also serves to show the broad impression of the room. Large windows in each room serves to allow light from outside into the room apartments and a natural light. Collaborated own living room with a bed to rest with the use of a niche next to the bed above, the arrangement of the room allows the creation of a functional room, looks spacious, but also considering the aesthetic side. Kitchens in these apartments tend to be laid out with simple and neat, while the bathrooms are well utilized and aspirations as to the use of opaque glass to limit shower corner. Now, let’s see the photos of this attractive remodeled Swedish apartment design inspiration at below and get some creative home decorating ideas!

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