Choosing the right furniture for kids rooms Decor


The selection of furniture in a child’s bedroom should also be done carefully. Apart from having to look beautiful and in harmony with the room shades in terms of decor, the furniture should also be selected by considering the child’s age. Room For children aged 0-2 years, a cheerful decoration is the key. Use furniture […]

Victorian House Styles The beauty of Medieval Architecture


Before getting to know the architecture of the Victorian era then you should know that the Victorian era, a time when Queen Victoria ruled the United Kingdom. Victoria period architecture itself began in 1830 until in 1901 the period was the beginning of the industrial revolution in which significant changes in the social life of […]

Modern Luxury Eclectic Bathroom Decor Ideas for 2013


Not everyone liked the modern minimalist style, most people assumes minimalist style rigid, cold, and boring. Others assume Classic style is timeless, homey, luxurious difficulty in maintenance because the details are complicated and expensive. Why not try and Math Mix two or even more different interior styles (eclectic) to bring a fresh new style ? […]

Neo Classical Architecture Style, Majestic and Timeless


Neoclassical style architecture or can be called a new classical architecture inspired by ancient Roman and Greek times. If you look at the architect neoclassical style then you can still see a touch of Parthenon temple in Athens or in Rome. The neoclassical style of architecture has some features such as a symmetrical shape, tall […]

Minimalist Home Design Ideas 2016


There are some aspects why most of people prefer to have minimalist home design than the large one and one of reason is the location.  We are pretty sure that everyone would dream to have spacious home and large enough to do all activities in their home, due to limited location then minimalist home will […]

Partition Design as Temporary Room Divider and Element of Decoration


[sociallocker] Room divider wall is not necessarily permanent. The temporary can actually make the room multi-functional and can also be a decorative element adds to the beauty of a room and have aesthetic value is higher than using plain walls. So far, we have often used the room divider. However, the more commonly used are […]

Interior Design and Decor on a Budget for Kids room


The global economic crisis that hit almost every country in the world to makes all of us have to scrimp different types of household expenditure. Only the important expenditure become a priority. But what if you want to made your child happy by giving gifts lovely rooms are there any solution? You can wisely make […]

Bathroom Trends Design and Style for 2013


[sociallocker] Towards the year 2013 the trend of modern bathroom design is pretty much changed from the previous year. Functional and elegant modern bathroom design is an important part of new home design or home staging. The variety of bathroom features, furniture, decorative materials, like modern wallpaper, floor and wall tile designs for bathroom decorating, […]